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China Attesting Services

Civil and commercial affairs between Hong Kong and Mainland get to be more and more frequent, examples include Hong Kong residents purchasing properties and getting married in Mainland, family reunion, estate inheritance, merchants or companies registered in Hong Kong investing, running businesses or proceeding litigation in Mainland, etc. Due to different legal systems in Hong Kong and the Mainland, when dealing with the aforementioned cross-border affairs, any Hong Kong document or evidence for use in the Mainland must be submitted to a China-Appointed Attesting Officer appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China for attestation, sealing and transfer delivery.

Our firm provides comprehensive China attesting services and those attested documents include:


  • Declaration for intended marriage in the Mainland
  • Declaration for the application for immigration or visits to Hong Kong for family members of Hong Kong residents
  • Declaration for inheritance or giving up inheritance of estate in the Mainland
  • Declaration for proof of marital relationship
  • Declaration for child adoption from the Mainland
  • Declaration for surety for financial support to a Mainland student to study overseas
  • Declaration for kinship
  • Deed of gift
  • Power of Attorney


  • Certificate of company particulars (status)
  • Certificate of Board/Shareholders resolution
  • Certificate of incorporation of Hong Kong company
  • Certificate for property sale and purchase agreement
  • Certificate for property mortgage and charge documents
  • CEPA Certificate
  • Power of Attorney